“Your dreams will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.” – C G Jung

Core Development offers:

  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy( face-to-face and phone)
  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy for Parents and Teenagers(together and separately)
  • Couples Counselling
  • Talks and workshops for groups and organisations

Sometimes you need more than words to overcome your fears, to face your hurt and frustration so you can safely let go of it and carry on with what’s really important in your life.

You need to feel that it’s OK to play, to enjoy life, to reclaim your childhood innocence, joy and creativity and let them become part of your adult life.

You need to feel good about yourself, to stop striving fpr perfection, for only then will you fully realise the enormity of your potential.

Core Development can help relieve these stresses and help you access energy for work, play and relationships.

Core development is a collaborative process between you and a psychotherapist to enable you to explore and resolve issues that may be blocking you from having the quality of life that you want.

By creating a safe and supportive space and combining different counselling and psychotherapy techniques, I can assist you in learning ways to tackle unresolved emotional issues and unfinished business that can be holding you back.

Core Development can also complement and enhance the effectiveness of other methods, and may be helpful when other methods have not got you the results you were hoping for.

How Does It Work?

Based on my experience and my training as a psychotherapist and counsellor, I use various techniques including, but not limited to:

  • Talking
  • Active listening
  • Role-play
  • Body awareness
  • Bodywork
  • Breathing
  • Movement
  • Mindfulness

I create a safe place where you can explore and communicate your thoughts, feelings and desires, some of which you may not have been able to share with anyone, even yourself.

Every step of this process deepens and enriches your appreciation of life, and increases your ability to create what matters most to you.

How did you start as a practitioner? and what skills & approaches underpin your work?

I was motivated to train as a psychotherapist following my own experience of anxiety and depression, and the frustration I felt with my lack of success in overcoming them via limited methods of counselling and psychotherapy.

My search for healing led me to London, where I discovered a form of psychotherapy called somatic psychotherapy, or body psychotherapy, and by having individual sessions myself I was able to transform my life.

Consequently, I trained at the Gerda Boyesen Institute for Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy in London for four years, to qualify as a psychotherapist to help others experience similar positive change in their lives.

I continued  participating in experiential psychotherapy workshops in Gestalt, Psychodrama, Transactional Analysis, Biosynthesis and Core Energetics.

Key practitioners I studied with include Gerda Boyesen (Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy), David Boadella (Biosynthesis) , John Pierrakos (Core Energetics), and Robert Fritz (Structural Dynamics).

Click here to watch an interview with David Boadella. I trained with David over a 4-year period after completing my training at the Boyesen Centre, and he has had a major influence in my life and work.

Core Development is a synthesis of my own personal therapy and life experience, coupled with in-depth experiential, practical and theoretical training in psychotherapy, personal development and counselling, providing services that have been instrumental in effecting change over the last 40 years for individuals, couples and organisations in Europe, America and Australia.

Who can benefit?

Anyone can benefit from this form of counselling and psychotherapy. It is a learning process that is focused on enabling you to live a fulfilled and engaged life, with a positive approach to meeting challenges you may encounter.

I offer a wide range of counselling and psychotherapy services Sydney-wide, including stress counselling, anxiety and depression counselling, couples counselling, grief counselling, trauma counselling, and conflict resolution.

My practice is located in Artarmon, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. It is easily accessible by train and car.   Phone sessions are also available.

Core Development is for people who are ready and willing to take on the challenge and commitment of effecting change in their lives for their long-term health and wellbeing. It is a learning process not a clinical method.

In addition to my training and experience as a therapist, I have also spent 15 years working with primary school children in after school care, and 5 years mentoring High School students.

This makes me uniquely qualified to make a difference to those who are raising or working with children.


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