Individual clients

“Working with you has been incredibly powerful. Both healing and illuminating. You’ve been an incredible support during an indescribably difficult, frightening and confusing time.

Thank you for helping me move through the most challenging year of my entire life and inspiring me to explore new horizons.”

E.A., Psychologist, Sydney


“It’s hard to put into words what it has meant to find you and to have experienced the changes I have had each and every week.

I think the greatest gift you can give someone is your time and undivided attention and energy and that is what you have given me.

You have let me drive my own healing process and have created a very safe space in which to heal. I’m grateful to be able to continue to heal with your guidance and experience.”

Anna S.Sydney


‘’I knew from the first session with Donald that things were going to get better! His professional yet personable nature put me immediately at ease. For over 4 years, my life had been consumed with negative thought patterns, self-destructive behavior, mental fog, lack of direction and social anxiety.

Without judgment, I was given the opportunity to explore my thoughts and express my feelings in a confidential and safe environment. Through this process my priorities rapidly changed and the negative thoughts that I had allowed to dominate my behavior simply fell away.

All of this was happening because I had the chance to make sense of things I was unable to do so in the past! I soon saw light at the end of a very dark tunnel!

After having sessions with Donald I now engage in healthy, creative and encouraging dialogue with myself. I am now looking forward to a round the world trip, a change in career and  knowing that things are going to be just fine!

If you are concerned about your behavior, confused about your thoughts or experiencing conflict within yourself then I recommend giving Donald a call!’’

Daniel F,  Sydney

“Thank you Donald for helping me know and name my dreams…….”

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“Thank you again for the help you provided. It’s made my life a pretty fun place to be at the moment and allowed me to appreciate it and the people around me more than ever. I hope everything’s good with you and that you’re helping lots of other people with your practice like you helped me”

S.C., Sydney

“Thank you Donald. Thank you for not giving me a quick fix that will expire in a few weeks. Thank you for not prescribing a recipe of “success steps”. Thank you for your wisdom and ability to see deep into my core, for your guidance and allowing me to make my own decisions as to where my next steps should be.

I realise now that this comes from your ability to guide, yet at the same time to allow me to lay my own deep foundations, where my own strength can be applied to where I choose.

This is very powerful, because I now know that I am the creator of my life experiences – right now and into the future.

If I can summarise how you have helped me it would be “nothing specific, but everything else”. Thank you for your ability to allow me to be myself – everywhere.

J.T. Sydney

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“About 6 months ago I started to feel very concerned that there wasn’t a day I woke up feeling “well”. I had lost my zest and couldn’t remember the last time I had a good laugh and felt happy.

It was either take that scary step forward and do something about it or I might as well curl up and die. That’s where Donald came into my life.

With his genuine care, support and reassurance I am bit by bit unloading the excess baggage (those “negative” unexpressed emotions that were eating away at my being). The real me is starting to emerge and laugh again and I am more in control of my life and decisions.

Thank you Donald for your patience and encouragement. You have probably helped to save my life.”

D.D, Melbourne

Full version of handwritten text:

“The time has come to say goodbye – and I would like to express my many thanks to you. Our journey started a while back. I was lost then and didn’t know who I was, where I was or which direction to take…

A warm and gentle hand found mine – saying: “It’s alright – we’ll make it….and we did!” Thanks to you; your support, guidance, encouragement, ability to listen, patience and belief in me – I have today found myself.

I have found love, life and strength and a trust in myself that I never thought possible. I still lose track now and again – but that’s alright and necessary to grow further and it does not scare me anymore because I know I can find my way back again if and when I want to.

Thank you so much my dear friend. I love you very much and wish you a good journey and the very best for the future. You will always be with me in my heart”.

Ann Britt, London

Over the past three years of working with Donald I have gone from focusing entirely on my problems and letting them define me, to becoming clear about who I am, what’s important to me and living that with integrity and authenticity more and more.

I can highly recommend Donald Marmara and his work. He has been transformative in helping me understand myself and how I relate to others. It has been the single most important investment in my educational and facilitation work.

Kathryn McCabe, Sydney

I appreciate Donald as an empathetic and courageous person. Donald has a wealth of experience and expertise in healing. He is a man of integrity and honesty – he truly walks his talk. Donald steps whole heartedly with an open sense of curiosity into self development and healing.

Johanna de Ruyter, Coaching Authentic Connection, Sydney

Training & Group Facilitation

“Thank you for your superb facilitation. The feedback from counsellors has been really enthusiastic. I hope we might ask you to work with us again”.

Sue Ireson, Coordinator, Windsor & Maidenhead Youth Counselling Service, UK.

“Thank you for running the Resource Day for our facilitators. The feedback was excellent and your generosity greatly appreciated”.

BK, Director, Augustine Centre, Hawthorn, Vic.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Donald and the work he does.”

Andrew J.Gallagher, Director, Australian School of Therapeutic Massage

“What I love about Donald’s way is that I can be all of me. I don’t need to hide.

I can be with my fears, my pain, my tears, my joy, my love. I am re-learning to self-regulate, and each time I take a step towards who I truly am.”

R.B., Melbourne, Vic


Donald has clearly demonstrated a capacity to provide valuable support to managers and management teams in a manner that earns him considerable respect and I would highly recommend Donald to all organizations who wish to develop and grow successfully.

Arthur Papakotsias, Chief Executive Officer, Neami Inc.,Melbourne.


Reference from Dr Ari Badaines (Clinical Psychologist)

“I also had the opportunity to experience Mr Marmara’s work, and that has left me with no doubts nor reservations regarding his professional skills, competency, and integrity.

This perhaps more than anything else that I could write, testifies to the adequacy and high standard of his training”.

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