Time to smell the roses

Time to smell the roses

Stress leading to burnout has become a major problem in our society, costing us millions of dollars a year and having a major impact on our health.

So how can we deal with stress more effectively to improve our health and avoid burnout?

Many of you, like myself, will be receiving more mail than you can reasonably deal with.  So why should I add to your stress levels by inflicting another newsletter on you? read more

The Ph.D. Octupus

This article was written over 100 years ago – consider its relevance today, with our increasing emphasis on paper qualifications………?

The Ph.D. Octopus
William James
Some years ago, we had at our Harvard Graduate School a very brilliant student of Philosophy, who, after leaving us and supporting himself by literary labor for three years, received an appointment to teach English Literature at a sister-institution of learning. read more

Increase Productivity & Create a Strong & Sustainable Culture

How to increase your employee's productivity and create a strong sustainable business culture - Most business leaders have a very good understanding of their business and of the industry they’re in – arguably they would not be in leadership roles if they didn’t. Not many, however, are as well versed in people-management and relationship skills, which is not surprising as you can’t expect to be good at everything!

The Tortoise and the Hare

How the digestive system informs Biodynamic Psychotherapy

by Donald Marmara, somatic psychotherapist

Gerda Boyesen, the Norwegian clinical psychologist and physiotherapist who set up the school of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy in London, tells this story.

When she was seeing clients at her clinic in Oslo, she noted that she was having significantly better results with some clients than with others. read more

How Do You Listen? An important question in counselling and psychotherapy

In the mid-1980’s I served an apprenticeship with a Native American medicine man, Sun Bear.

When I introduced Sun Bear to an audience, I said:

There are different ways to listen. One way is to listen with your head, to try to understand, explain, interpret, evaluate and take notes.

Another way is to listen with your heart, allowing his words to evoke feelings, sensations and thoughts. read more

Success Failure and Motivation


Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

In Part One, the difference between fear of failure, where the driving force progressively diminishes and therefore requires constant effort to maintain, and desire for success, where the driving force increases as you approach your goal and therefore requires no external force to maintain, was discussed. read more

Parents – How To Be More Effective In Helping Your Children

You can reduce the stress you have as a parent when your children are having difficulties . This will also make you  more effective in helping them.

Parents who come to see me with concerns about their children sometimes feel guilty, confused or inadequate. These feelings can sometimes be reinforced by conflicting expert opinions and advice. read more

What Is Massage? Is It Just A Rub?

Massage is a dialogue, a communication through the medium of touch. It is more than just a rub.

Touch is a form of communication and the essence and potential of massage is diminished when it is perceived as no more than a mechanical process.

Another popular misconception is that massage is something that the therapist does to the client. When massaging, my hands are both giving and receiving touch. read more


“The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself” Lao Tsu

Sometimes adults impose their opinions and desires on children without really listening to them. They usually do this with the best of intentions, in the sincere belief that this is best for their children. read more

What’s Different?

Welcome to Core Development.

Core Development is a unique method of dealing with stress by turning stressful situations into constructive rather than disruptive tools.

Rather than trying to eliminate the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, therefore, or labelling them as illnesses, they are recognised as signposts to a richer and more fulfilling life. read more