The Most Important Aspect Of Psychotherapy

What works for one person does not necessarily work for another.

Our tasks as psychotherapists is first of all to put aside all our knowledge and theories and to listen. To embark on a journey of discovery. To discover what the person we are working with needs. read more

Counselling, Somatic Psychotherapy and Emotional Healing: Reflections


Not listening in order to convince others that we’re right and they are wrong, but listening to understand, listening to empathize.

Perhaps its time to remember that our humanity unites us all. We may have conflicting beliefs and strong feelings, but underneath all this we are all human beings. read more


What is the connection between Stress, Anxiety and Depression and the political, social and economic problems that we are facing today?

Here is a summary of the main points:

  • We live in a sick society and we are not addressing the root cause.
  • Our whole system is motivated by fear and consequently the most frightened people are the ones most likely to govern and yield power.
  • The door to  constructive change will open if we stop trying to convert others to our point of view.
  • Any attempt on my part to convince you that I am right is counter-productive and contradicts what I am trying to convey.
  • The underlying cause, the underlying and all-embracing dynamic is not climate change but FEAR.
  •  We do not listen to viewpoints that challenge our beliefs because they trigger our fears.
  • Anxiety and depression can be the result of fear and unresolved trauma.They can also be healthy signs that something needs to change.
  • My hope is that somatic psychotherapy can enable us to lessen the hold that our fears have on us so we can proceed rationally.
  • The psychotherapy that I have faith in is one that respects and validates each individual’s values and opinions, not one that tries to adjust us to society.

We live in a sick society and we are not addressing the root cause.

I believe that, with very few exceptions, we are caught up in an endless war and we are not addressing the root cause. read more

Exploring Relationships

Individual Sessions, Couples Sessions, Talks and Workshops with Donald Marmara

Core Development offers:

  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy( face-to-face, zoom and phone)
  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy for Parents and Teenagers(together and separately)
  • Couples Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Talks and workshops for groups and organisations

The artist Chuck Close once said:  “You can give the same recipe to 10 cooks. Some make it come alive, and some make a flat soufflé. A system doesn’t guarantee anything.”

The same applies to relationships. Hundreds of books tell you what to do and not do to make your relationships work. Numerous workshops claim to give you the “secrets” to success. read more

Changing Perspectives : Beyond Winning And Losing

“Winning is a loser’s game!”

How do you respond to the statement above?

Do you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing right away?  Or do you stop to think about it?

What is your feeling response?  Are you surprised, irritated, amused, pleased?

What is your bodily response?  Do you sigh?  Do you nod or shake your head?

What happens to your facial expression?  What is your tone of voice when you talk about it? read more

Does Behaviour Management Really Work?

We all need support in getting our needs met. When a child’s behaviour does not meet our expectations, is it helpful to use Behaviour Management Techniques?

This article is not meant as a criticism of parents and others who may be using a behaviour management approach. On the contrary, I have no doubt that you love your children and are doing your best to help them. read more

Success, failure and Motivation Part 1: What’s Driving You?


Part I: What’s driving you?  Could it be your Fear?

Motivating ourselves and others by Fear seems to dominate all areas of our lives. Have we forgotten what we really want?
This article reflects on the question: Where is all this taking us?

Every action is motivated by the desire to move TOWARDS or AWAY FROM  something or someone.There is an important difference in the way these two forces work. read more

Help with Depression, Anxiety and Stress. The Person or the Condition?

It’s good to remind ourselves not to see and relate to people – children and adults – through the filter of a label, however correct we may think the label is.

Some time ago I had the opportunity of working with a woman in her late 20s. She was diagnosed as chronically depressed, and stuck in a junior position in her company because they said she was a slow learner with poor communication skills and no good at working in a team. read more

Do You Have To Be Mentally Ill To Benefit From Counselling And Psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy are powerful tools for personal and social change.

They enable us to resolve emotional issues that are preventing us from being happy with ourselves and our lives, and from having fulfilling relationships.

They can also be helpful in cases where physical problems are caused or aggravated by emotional stress. Somatic or Body Psychotherapy can be especially helpful in this respect. read more

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning and its relevance to Somatic Psychotherapy, Counselling and Education.

by Donald Marmara

I will share an experience that I had when I was 20 years old. This is a true story and one of the formative experiences of my life.

I grew up in Malta, and I happened to meet an interesting guy at a party one night. I started chatting with this man, and discovered that he was one of England’s leading meteorological experts and that he had been hired by the government to help set up a met office in Malta. read more