Ecology Begins In You

Ecology is about relationships – our relationship with the environment, which includes other people as well as animals, plants, the air we breathe etc – and our relationship with ourselves, which is something we often forget or take for granted.

If it is so obvious that we cannot alter the environment without affecting ourselves, and that we are not only in intimate contact with the environment but that we are part of the environment, how come some individuals, politicians and industrialists continue to damage the environment – and therefore themselves?

Is it because they are stupid, uncaring, malicious or ruthless?

Or is it because, though they understand this intellectually, they are unable to experience this connection – the reality seems too far away for them to grasp?

Experiential Learning

When the aim of Psychotherapy is
• to support the biological integration of the individual
• re-open the heart
• enable the individual to give and receive love rather than “to adjust them to society”
• and when this is understood in context – ie sociologically as well as psychologically
Then the natural consequence is to FEEL our connection with all beings, with the environment and with the planet, and to act accordingly.


Core Development’s sessions and workshops explore the difference between intellectual and experiential knowledge. They are designed to increase your awareness of yourself and your interaction with others and the environment.

You will know from your own experience what your connection is to others and to the environment – no one will need to tell you because you will experience it directly.

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