Are YOU getting the support you need?
Are your needs being met?

Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Practitioners in the Healing Professions please note: If you substitute the word “Patients” for Children, and “Doctors, Nurses or Paramedics” for Parents, you will find that this also applies to you.

I don’t need to explain how damaging stress can be, how it can undermine your immune system and cause you irritability, pain, and discomfort in the short term, and serious illness in the long term.  Unfortunately you know this all too well.

You also know that your stress affects other people, your work, your family, your friends, and most of all your children.

This is of particular concern because your love and caring for others is often what leads you into activities and a lifestyle that causes you stress.

So in your sincere and loving efforts to do the best for those you care about, you can forget how important it is to care for yourself, and in doing so you end up creating what you most want to avoid.

You can end up in a condition that does not allow you to be and do your best, and you forget that your children, and everyone who cares about you, want you to be well and happy just as much as you want them to be.

So why do intelligent and caring people like ourselves get so stressed? Why are we so often in conflict with our children – and with ourselves? What are we missing and what do we need to do to change this?

I am offering you supportive and interactive group sessions, as well as talks, individual and joint sessions, to help you address these issues.

To create a less stressed, more relaxed and effective work environment, a healthier lifestyle, and more rewarding relationships.