Increase Productivity & Create a Strong & Sustainable Culture

Most business leaders have a very good understanding of their business and of the industry they’re in – arguably they would not be in leadership roles if they didn’t. Not many, however, are as well versed in people-management and relationship skills, which is not surprising as you can’t expect to be good at everything!

Studies show that relationships affect performance, and that companies whose employees have high morale show TWICE THE RETURN ON CAPITAL than those whose employees dislike where they work. (Carole Kinsy Gorman – This isn’t the Company I joined – NY 1997).

Clearly, then, it is important to create a positive working environment not only because it’s worthwhile in itself, but also because it results in better all-round performance and improved profitability. So how can you do this?

  1. Take time to formulate a clear and detailed vision for your company , and involve your staff in this process so that they take ownership of the vision – so it’s their vision as well as yours.
  2. In order to do this effectively, it is also important for you to define your personal vision and to encourage your staff to do the same. You don’t necessarily have to make this public, but you do need to have a clarity in yourselves as to what your personal values and life goals are and how they relate to those of the company.
  3. Learn and teach your staff how to communicate effectively. This includes ensuring that members understand each other clearly, know how to resolve conflicts and communicate in a way that motivates the listener to respond positively even to constructive criticism.
  4. It also involves an awareness of the role of body language and voice tone. Psychological studies show that 60% to 90% of communication is through body language and tone of voice, yet how much do we learn about this in our educational system?
  5. Acknowledge that seeking help when appropriate is a sign of strength not of weakness. Be willing to ask for help when you need it, and encourage your staff to do the same. We learn and teach by example so it is up to you as a leader to set an example to your staff.
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Donald Marmara