Somatic Psychotherapy CoreDevelopment Method

Core Development’s method of Somatic Psychotherapy


Core Development’s method of body-inclusive or somatic psychotherapy enables us to learn, from our own experiencing, that true power lies in recognising and surrendering to life’s natural rhythms, not in trying to control them.

We work primarily with core values rather than with defensive structures. This means that the practitioner’s aim is to recognise and connect with your authentic self, to make genuine contact with who you really are, rather than attempting to provoke and work through your defences.


Core Development considers the practitioner’s own process and personal development to be the single most important aspect of a psychotherapist’s or counsellor’s training. This enables the practitioner to embody the principles of authenticity and open and honest communication.

Another reason why we consider it essential for counsellors and somatic psychotherapists to have undergone personal therapy themselves is because we believe that in order to support and guide you through a journey, it is important that the practitioner has been on that journey themselves. So they understand what it’s like from their own personal experience as well as having a sound theoretical basis.


Core Development’s method of body-inclusive or somatic psychotherapy offers a flexible, serious, playful and respectful combination of bioenergetic and biodynamic techniques to suit your individual needs. These include mindfulness, movement, body awareness, emotional expression and communication, gestalt dialogue, bodywork and talking.

Respect and Flexibility

Bodywork is used only when appropriate and with the full consent of the client. As your needs change, so will the methods used change to adapt to your needs.


All the methods used aim to create a feeling of safety so you can be who you really are, and allow your inner wisdom to guide you in healing yourself.

Bottom Line: A Therapy For Being

Like many people in our culture, I used to look for ways of coming closer to my ideals. I thought I would be happier if I could be more successful at achieving my goals.

It had never occurred to me that the real issue was not about achieving goals, but about the freedom and satisfaction of being myself.”

Core Development’s somatic psychotherapy practice is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Core Development offers both face-to-face and video and phone sessions.

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