Stress and Unresolved Feelings

When I was 7 years old I asked: “Why were we Humans put on this Planet? All seemed to be going well until we came along!”

Little did I realise what a profound question this was until I grew up and became aware of the extent of my own and others’ emotional and psychological wounding, and how deeply this affected our wellbeing and the way we treat each other and the environment.

It became increasingly clear that stress is like having our feet on the accelerator and brake pedals at the same time.I realised how harmful unresolved feelings and stress can be and how they lead to unhappiness and destructive action.

So I spent several years in therapy, healing my own wounding and training with some of the leading pioneers in somatic psychotherapy and structural dynamics in Europe and America.

My work with individuals, couples and organisations over the last 35 years has shown me that, when we heal our emotional wounds and are able to reconnect with who we really are, with our core, we are naturally co-operative and constructive.

Then we are be able to re-engage with our life, the people, places and relationships that are important to us, and our work.

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