What is “Normal”?

Counselling and Psychotherapy are sometimes seen as ways of helping people adjust to society.  Whilst this is what some people may want and some counsellors and psychotherapists may provide, this is not what I do. I do not measure a person’s mental health by how well adjusted they are to society.

That is why I do not assume that a person who is depressed, anxious, or feeling emotionally unbalanced is necessarily mentally ill.

On the contrary, in most cases the fact that a person has these feelings shows that they are healthy enough to develop symptoms that, if recognized and understood for what they really are, will enable them to deal effectively with their challenges  and live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

 I believe it’s important to remind ourselves and reflect on what we define and accept as “normal”!

A perfectly healthy person may find it hard or even impossible to adjust to some of society’s values. They may need help to deal with the challenges that arise because they do not fit into society’s concept of what is normal.

They may need help to function effectively in society whilst remaining true to themselves.

This is what Core Development – my approach to counselling and psychotherapy – is about. Doing what we can to heal ourselves, to open our hearts again so we can live life fully and authentically.

Recognising that anxiety, depression, and many other feelings are there to show us the way to more fulfilling lives and relationships.

And this takes courage and persistence, as it is natural for us to close our hearts and sometimes also to lash out when we are hurt, in order to protect ourselves from further pain.

Core Development is not an easy process, nor a quick fix.  It takes courage and persistence. It can be sometimes painful and sometimes pleasurable.

It is validating, supportive and at times challenging. It is well worthwhile and both the journey and the results are very rewarding.

Core Development is a learning process developed from my 40 years’ experience in psychotherapy and counselling. It is not a substitute for clinical or medical treatment where this is required.

If you want guidance and support in dealing effectively with life’s challenges, and in being true to yourself in an environment or society that may not always share your priorities and values, call me on 02 9413 9794 or 0412 178 234.