What’s Different?

Welcome to Core Development.

Core Development is a unique method of dealing with stress by turning stressful situations into constructive rather than disruptive tools.

Rather than trying to eliminate the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, therefore, or labelling them as illnesses, they are recognised as signposts to a richer and more fulfilling life.

Core Development is an in-depth learning process that requires your commitment, that is constructive and transformative, and that does not look for whats wrong with you or label you as dysfunctional.

It is  influenced by the European and American schools of somatic psychotherapy and gestalt, and adopts a learning rather than a clinical model. It could be described as a process of emotional education and awareness.

Somatic Psychotherapy is based on Wilhelm Reich’s findings on body armouring, ie that our “unfinished business” and unexpressed feelings and desires are held in our bodies as chronic tensions. Releasing these tensions enables us to reconnect with our creative potential.

Core Development is an experiential learning process, and is not intended to replace clinical and/or medical treatment where this is required.

Core Development also brings human values back into organisations, and into education.

Core development adopts a flexible approach, recognising that what works for one person or organisation may not work for another.

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