Healthy Family

Relationship Counselling

by Donald Marmara, Somatic Psychotherapist and Emotional Learning Facilitator, Sydney, Australia

Satisfying and supportive relationships are associated with increased psychological well being, and reduced levels of depression and stress. Relationships are key to psychological and physical health.

Developing a healthy, satisfying relationship can be difficult. It is not surprising that relationship counselling is a very common reason for visiting a counsellor or psychotherapist.

It is often difficult on your own to see clearly what is happening in your relationships.   Core Development’s approach to Counselling and Somatic Psychotherapy can help you explore the causes of any problems.

My approach to relationship counselling and psychotherapy helps couples and families:

  • understand their current relationship
  • understand how the past and their behaviours contribute to the current relationship
  • helps the individuals work out what they want from their relationship and from each other
  • discuss what they feel about each other now
  • discuss what they are prepared to do to make this relationship work.

In the case of couples, counselling and somatic psychotherapy can help you rediscover what it was about each other that attracted you in the first place.

As Core Development is a process of emotional learning not a clinical process, I don’t judge who is right or wrong, or tell you what to do, stay together or separate.  I help you to work out for yourself what will be best for you.

The same principles can also be applied to relationships at work, with colleagues, staff and clients.

If you would like to take this further, call me on 0412 178 234 so we can have an informal chat to help us decide whether I can help you.

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