Professional Development

How to Become More Effective at Helping Others

by Donald Marmara, Somatic Psychotherapist and Educator, Artarmon, Sydney

There is no one way to become more effective. There is your way. Each one of us is different.

Using professional skills gained over the past 40 years, Donald will help you discover what you can do to further develop your unique combination of strengths and talents.

So you can maximise your potential to help others and increase and deepen your ability to enjoy life.

As research shows that 60% to 90% of what we communicate is through body language and voice tone, these aspects will be emphasised.

A whole new dimension opens up when we work on this level, and deeper issues can be discovered.

Donald trained with some of the leading exponents of somatic psychotherapy and developing human potential in Europe and America. His passion is to encourage, support and develop each person’s uniqueness.

He has presented at various National and International Conferences including:

  • The Australian Counselling Association’s National Conferences in Melbourne and Brisbane
  • The International Ecopolitics Conference and the Australasian Facilitators Network Annual Conferences in Bathurst and  at Macquarie University in Sydney
  • The British Holistic Medical Association and the Institute for Cultural Affairs in the UK.

Donald has also been a visiting lecturer at The Australian School of Therapeutic Massage in Victoria and at the University of Western Sydney.

If you want to discuss ways in which Donald can help you become more effective at helping yourself and others, call him on +61 412 178 234 or email