Become An Even Better Psychotherapist And Facilitator

From time to time, I find it helpful to go back to basics. Here are some points you may find it worthwhile to reflect upon:                                         

  • Acknowledge how good you already are!
  • Consider why you do this work, and what you most like and dislike about it.
  • Measure your skills by the results you get not just by your paper qualifications.
  • Remember that some qualities are measurable, and some are not. Assess the importance and relevance of both.
  • Consider the relative importance and roles of personal qualities and technical skills.
  • How does your life experience impact on your work?
  • What innate skills do you have? What do you enjoy and are naturally good at?
  • Consider Boundaries.  Psychotherapists, Facilitators and Coaches are sometimes expected to be jacks of all trades. What are your skills and when should you refer a client and/or co-work with a practitioner whose skills complement and/or enrich yours?
  • Sometimes Facilitation can be stressful. Learning to recognise what causes you stress & what you can do to turn stressful and potentially stressful situations into constructive learning experiences can benefit your health and enhance your effectiveness.
  • What works for one person may not work for another. I believe that it is important to discover answers for yourself which is why my work is experiential.
  • Some of our inner strengths and resources, as well as the factors that limit our effectiveness,  are often hidden and may require skilled help to access.

In my work I help you discover  (a) your inner strengths and resources, (b) the barriers to your full potential, and (c) how to understand and deal effectively with stressful and emotional issues.

 I draw on my training in somatic psychotherapy, developmental psychology, counselling and the fundamentals of structural dynamics, as well as my work and life experience, to enable you to

  • turn stressful situations into constructive learning experiences,
  • improve your health
  • enrich your work and your life.

I am available for individual and couples sessions, sessions with parents and teenagers, supervision for therapists, and public and in-house workshops.

  • Mob:  0412 178 234
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