Don’t lose sight of what’s important

As our lives become more successful, they also become more cluterred, so maintaining focus on what is important to us, and ensuring that our lives unfold the way we want can be frustratingly difficult.

But did you know that the biggest factor stopping us from achieving is ourselves?

Deep-seated fears, uncertainties, or just being plain busy can all prevent us from making progress; whether it’s achieving daily goals or taking major steps.

To help you see through these barricades and maintain focus on the important issues, Core Development Coaching will work with you – either personally or within a group.

In doing so, you’ll learn ways of achieving your goals in all areas of your life.

Maintain a better balance

When you know where you want your future to go, we can help you forge pathways that will lead you there with the least obstacles, and that means establishing a more balanced lifestyle.

Your personal life shouldn’t suffer for your professional pursuits, or vice-versa. Which is why we’ll assist you in managing your time more effectively.

Live a healthier, less stressed lifestyle

Creating balance in life means less stress. The less stressed we are, the healthier, happier and more productive we become.

At Core Development, we’ll not only provide you with techniques for overcoming stress, we’ll also show you how to turn stressful conflicts around into useful and productive, rather than distruptive tools.

The benefits are as varied as our clients

Because everybody is different, each individual’s achievements through Core Development coaching will be quite unique. However, some of the areas in which our coaching may help you include:

  • stress management and goal-setting
  • decision-making
  • increasing productivity
  • personal guidance to achieve goals
  • team-building and communication skills
  • creating a strong and sustainable business culture
  • improving work and family relations
  • improving health and fitness
  • turning your passions into reality


Donald Marmara created Core Development – a process of change and personal growth developed from his professional training and 40 years’ experience in somatic (body) psychotherapy, counselling and structural dynamics.

Core development adopts a flexible approach, recognising that what works for one person may not work for another.

Donald currently resides and practices in Sydney, and is available for individual sessions, couples sessions, counselling teenagers and parents, and facilitating training programs and workshops.

He can be contacted on 02 9413 9794 or 0412 178 234.