Partner body language

Supervision For Therapists

Core Development’s method of supervision is an aspect of training and development that focuses primarily on the quality of the relationship between you and your clients, and on how that relationship develops and relates to the therapeutic process.

You will not only learn skills that will improve your effectiveness as a therapist, you will also develop an increased awareness of how you relate to yourself and others in all areas of your life.

It is a training in relationships, with emphasis on transference and counter-transference. These include the messages that we communicate to others, and that others communicate to us, through bodylanguage and tone of voice.

All these are considered in context. Core Development takes the view that it can be misleading and potentially harmful to interpret both bodily signals and any other information out of context.

You are therefore encouraged to explore their meaning in each particular instance rather than applying formulae.

Donald has 40 years’ international experience.

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