In-house Seminars

Working with you we create an individual program to suit your specific requirements, focusing on creating results that benefit you and your company.

Together we identify how stress is produced and investigate how it may be reduced and how effectiveness can be increased.

We work with management and staff at all levels to promote an environment in which clear and honest communication become possible, dealing with the fear that openness may lead to dismissal or resignations.

Our methods are simple, direct and cost-effective. They benefit both employers and employees. You are able to resolve differences and work together in a creative and supportive environment.

Stress is minimised and effectiveness increased so that all of you are focused in one direction : building your business

 “The organization I manage was successful in a very important interstate development. A lot was riding on the success of this new development and as such I found myself managing in a manner where avoiding failure and minimizing risk was paramount.

After seeing Donald Marmara I was able to refocus my perspective from a “fear of failure” to a “desire to succeed”. This new perspective provided myself and my staff the confidence to proceed with the development in a creative and enthusiastic manner. The development has been a great success and has led to other interstate developments.”,

A.P., Chief Executive Officer, Melbourne

Read my article “what’s driving you?” for a more detailed understanding of this approach to life.

If you want less stress and more energy, call me.