Leadership Coaching

Individual and Team-Building Sessions

Successful people and organisations often challenge commonly-held assumptions.

One such asssumption is  “no pain, no gain!”

Change does not have to be painful. It can be challenging, of course,  but it is not necessarily painful.

Keeping your life in balance

Core Development coaching enables you to achieve your goals whilst reducing stress and improving your health, your relationships, and your enjoyment of life.

The consequences of sustained stress can be very costly (read the section on Workplace Stress for details).

Reducing stress improves your health and effectiveness, increases productivity and decreases your costs.

Core Development’s unique coaching methods enable you  to increase your productivity and enables organisations to create  strong and sustainable business cultures.

Beyond Strategies & Techniques

I use processes that are fundamentally different from intellectual learning processes.

These processes enable you to embody what you learn, so that you can use that knowledge effectively in your life and work.

Core Development  coaching enables you and your organization to make positive changes to your professional and personal lives.

The Difference Between Knowing And Doing

The Managing Director of Human Synergistics, Shaun McCarthy, is quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald (7.12.02) as saying,

“When you ask someone to tell you what good leadership is they can tell you that.

But there is a big difference between knowing it and doing it”.


Because knowing is merely intellectual, and most of our education gives us information that we are unable to put into practice because we have not embodied it.

It’s like learning to ride a bicycle by reading a book. Until we embody the principles of riding a bike, all the intellectual understanding does not help us.

The processes of Core Development are fundamentally different from intellectual learning processes.

Core Development helps you embody what you learn, so that you can use that knowledge effectively in your life and work.

Psychological studies show that 60% to 90% of our learning takes place through body language and voice tone.

How much attention is paid to this in our educational system – including professional and business studies?

No wonder the study conducted by Human Synergistics involving 35,000 managers in Australia and New Zealand found that:

“the overwhelming style of management identified was avoidance, characterised by a fear of failure”and the least common style was “the one credited with the best results, a constructive manner…”

Results or Solutions?

One of the aims of Core Development is to enable you to make the transition from a problem-solving orientation, which is the prevalent attitude in our culture, to a creative, results-focused orientation.

In the latter, your major drivers are the results that you want to create, rather than the problems that you want to solve or eliminate.

This involves a shift in your life orientation, in your way of perceiving.

I am indebted to my teacher Robert Fritz, author of ‘The Path of Least Resistance’, for helping me understand this distinction.”

What would you attempt to do if you knew that you could not fail?

Core Development will help you answer this question, and support you all the way in creating the results that really matter to you.

Because you are unique, each session is created specifically for you and your organization.

NO formulae, no standardised set courses.

Following are some of our main topics:-

Your Road to Success

Achieve your performance goals. Access all your resources – intellectual and emotional – to create outstanding results.

Do you have time or does times have you?

Use time to your advantage – create more time for what really matters to you.

Stress – breakdown or breakthrough?

How dealing successfully with stress can help you achieve your goals, improve your health, your effectiveness, and the quality of your life.

Balancing work and home

How to define your priorities, organize your thinking – and your life – so that your work and home life support each other instead of competing for your time and attention.

How to communicate more effectively

Understand the principles of good communication including the role of body language and tone of voice.

Clarify your messages so you can be more effective in achieving your desired results and in understanding what others are communicating to you.

Team Building – how to work more successfully as a team

Utilise the relationships between team members – as well as each individual’s unique talents and personal qualities – to build and maintain a cohesive and flexible team that will consistently produce outstanding results. Exceed all expectations…

Facilitator: Donald Marmara

Donald helps organizations create working environments that are conducive to good performance, and individuals to make positive changes to their professional and personal life.

International Experience

Donald’s international experience has seen him run seminars and lectures in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, UK, Australia, and the USA, while his training is derived from a variety of disciplines in countries as diverse as Malta, Italy, UK, USA, and Switzerland.

Core Development is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Corporate Client List

  • American Express (UK)
  • Regina Royal Jelly (UK)
  • Mercantile Mutual (ING) (Sydney)
  • MBF Health Management (Sydney)
  • Minter Ellison Lawyers (Sydney)
  • United Airlines (Sydney)
  • Institute for Cultural Affairs (London)
  • Greater London Council (UK)
  • Clintons Solicitors (London)
  • Placer Pacific (Sydney)
  • British Holistic Medical Association (UK)
  • Australian School of Therapeutic Massage, (VIC)
  • Australian College of Natural Medicine (VIC)
  • Society of Clinical Masseurs (VIC)

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