Somatic Psychotherapy

Take back control of your life and live it fully!

Core Development offers you a potentially life-changing form of Somatic Psychotherapy (also called Body Psychotherapy or Body-Centered Psychotherapy) in Sydney and worldwide.


Somatic psychotherapy is based on the understanding that your mental, emotional and physical states are interconnected, and that emotional and mental changes affect your body, and vice-versa.

Rather than separating mind, body and emotions, somatic psychotherapists deal with all aspects of yourself and their interconnectedness.

The changes that you make are deeper and more meaningful because this form of psychotherapy deals with the causes, rather than just the effects of whatever is creating dissatisfaction in your life.

This does not mean that somatic psychotherapists always use bodywork. Bodywork and other methods are used when appropriate and with your full consent.

Somatic Psychotherapy considers the interaction between different forms of expression, including bodylanguage and voice tone, as well as the words used.

It provides opportunities for you to learn more about hidden aspects of yourself from your own experience.

What is “the unconscious”?

These hidden aspects, often referred to as the unconscious, do not consist of just blockages and negative emotions, they also include strengths and creative resources.

So connecting with your “unconscious” in a skillful and respectful manner not only uncovers the blockages that are preventing you from having the quality of life you desire.

It also makes available to you resources and strengths that you haven’t been able to access previously or didn’t even realise you have. In doing so it enriches your life.


I can offer you the reassurance of being able to identify with what you’re going through, as I’ve been through it myself.

Ethical practice of somatic psychotherapy, also called body psychotherapy or body-centred psychotherapy, requires both theoretical training and actual experience of the process. I believe that one’s own personal therapy is an essential part of any serious training in counselling and psychotherapy.

As a somatic psychotherapist, I won’t be asking you to try anything that I haven’t experienced myself.

Methodology: Respect and Flexibility

I draw upon a number of verbal and bodywork techniques, as appropriate, to suit your individual needs.

Bodywork is used when appropriate, and with your full consent. Over the course of the therapeutic process, your needs may change and different methods can then be used.

This is about you, and what I can offer that will best help you heal yourself and achieve your goals.

To experience this potentially life-changing form of psychotherapy in Sydney or elsewhere call  +61 412 178 234 or email


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