When Words Are Not Enough

by Donald Marmara, Somatic Psychotherapist and Educator at Core Development Sydney

Core Development is a process of Emotional Learning embodying principles of Somatic Psychotherapy, Counselling and Structural Thinking. Created by Donald Marmara, trained and practiced internationally, and currently based in Sydney, Australia.

Sometimes words are not enough

You may need to express, move, communicate, cry, laugh, sing, play, dance……

You may need a hug or a shoulder to cry on…..or perhaps the space and time to be yourself, without judgement or criticism.

You need to know that someone really cares. Words alone can’t always communicate this.

Sometimes you need more than words to help you overcome your fears and face your hurt and frustration, so you can safely let go of it and carry on with what’s really important in your life.

Core Development works with….


Core Development focuses on the depth and authenticity of the  contact you make with yourself ( your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, desires, expectations and bodily sensations ) and the contact you make with others and with your environment.


Increased aliveness enables you to be more fully involved in all aspects of your life.


“Aliveness” gives you more freedom to be yourself and to communicate what really matters to you. It’s the freedom to create and enjoy your life.


As children, we often heard the phrase “Don’t get too excited!” This diminishes our drive and suppresses the passion we allow ourselves even as adults.

Core development’s method of somatic psychotherapy helps you discover how you can enjoy as much excitement as you want, by learning how to contain, express and communicate your excitement.

Ripeness : allowing, not pushing

Core Development works with you not on you. There are no expectations as to how you should be. You are encouraged to move at your own speed and in your own way, to reconnect with your own personal rhythms.


Most of us have been raised to believe that it is wrong and dangerous to  communicate certain feelings, such as fear, anger, excitement, vulnerability, frustration and trust……

In other words,  “Don’t be yourself”. Spend your life attempting to fit into somebody else’s model of how you should be!

Core Development helps you find the the safety to experience and communicate your feelings, thoughts and desires, however “bad”, “strange”, or  “unacceptable” you may think they are.

Individual attention

Core Development offers a variety of techniques to suit your needs, including, as and when appropriate, movement, roleplay, bodywork, and talking.

This does not mean that we always use all these methods, only that they are available as and when needed. Many sessions are talking sessions, and may appear very similar to other therapy sessions.

Bodywork and other methods are used only when appropriate and with your full consent.

Core Development encourages you to discover what you need through your own experiencing.

So what is Core Development?

Core Development is a process of emotional learning, embodying principles of somatic psychotherapy, counselling and structural thinking.

It is a unique and creative method of dealing with stress by turning stressful situations into constructive rather than destructive tools.

It developed from Donald’s professional training, personal therapy and life experience.

Who can benefit?

  • Anyone who is under stress, including people who are anxious or depressed, and who find that stress is interfering with their health, work, home, or social life.
  • Anyone who wants to improve and deepen the quality of their life and their relationships with themselves and others.

If you want guidance and support in dealing effectively with life’s challenges, and in being true to yourself in an environment that may not always share your priorities and values,

Call Donald Marmara on +61 412 178 234