Somatic Psychotherapy with Core Development

Core Development’s method of Somatic Psychotherapy


Core Development’s method of body-inclusive or somatic psychotherapy enables us to learn, from our own experiencing, that true power lies in recognising and surrendering to life’s natural rhythms, not in trying to control them.

We work primarily with core values rather than with defensive structures. This means that the practitioner’s aim is to recognise and connect with your authentic self, to make genuine contact with who you really are, rather than attempting to provoke and work through your defences. read more

How To Find A Psychotherapist That’s Right For You

WHAT IS PSYCHOTHERAPY? IS IT THE SAME AS COUNSELLING? WHAT IS SOMATIC PSYCHOTHERAPY? HOW CAN I CHOOSE A THERAPIST BEST SUITED TO MY NEEDS? Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between you and a therapist to enable you to explore and resolve issues that may be blocking you from having the quality of life that you want.

Somatic psychotherapy is based on the understanding that your mental, emotional and physical states are interconnected, and that emotional and mental changes affect your body, and vice-versa.

Issues that may lead you to seek the help of a psychotherapist include

  • stress, anxiety and depression
  • challenges at work or in relationships
  • loss and grief
  • separation and divorce
  • low energy
  • lack of enthusiasm
  • recurring physical problems such as back pain and digestive difficulties, especially when these do not appear to have a physical cause
  • a general feeling of dissatisfaction with one’s life.

Whilst somatic psychotherapy can be of great help with all the above difficulties, you do not have to have a problem to benefit from this approach. You can also benefit if you wish to have a more fulfilling and meaningful life, and a better relationship with yourself and others. read more

Counselling, Somatic Psychotherapy and Emotional Healing: Reflections


Not listening in order to convince others that we’re right and they are wrong, but listening to understand, listening to empathize.

Perhaps its time to remember that our humanity unites us all. We may have conflicting beliefs and strong feelings, but underneath all this we are all human beings. read more


What is the connection between Stress, Anxiety and Depression and the political, social and economic problems that we are facing today?

Here is a summary of the main points:

  • We live in a sick society and we are not addressing the root cause.
  • Our whole system is motivated by fear and consequently the most frightened people are the ones most likely to govern and yield power.
  • The door to  constructive change will open if we stop trying to convert others to our point of view.
  • Any attempt on my part to convince you that I am right is counter-productive and contradicts what I am trying to convey.
  • The underlying cause, the underlying and all-embracing dynamic is not climate change but FEAR.
  •  We do not listen to viewpoints that challenge our beliefs because they trigger our fears.
  • Anxiety and depression can be the result of fear and unresolved trauma.They can also be healthy signs that something needs to change.
  • My hope is that somatic psychotherapy can enable us to lessen the hold that our fears have on us so we can proceed rationally.
  • The psychotherapy that I have faith in is one that respects and validates each individual’s values and opinions, not one that tries to adjust us to society.

We live in a sick society and we are not addressing the root cause.

I believe that, with very few exceptions, we are caught up in an endless war and we are not addressing the root cause. read more



What do parents and people who work with children have in common with therapists, facilitators and group leaders?

You tend to put others first! Whilst this is an admirable quality, in doing so you may be neglecting your own needs.

When your needs are not being met, it is easy to feel stressed and concerned about the issues in your own life. It is also easy for your emotions to get triggered by your children or clients. read more

Stress and Emotional Wellbeing For Parents, Educators and Practitioners Who Work With Children


Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Practitioners in the Healing Professions please note: If you substitute the word “patients” for children, and “Doctors, Nurses or Paramedics” for Parents, you will find that this also applies to you.

Core Development offers the following to Parents, Educators, and Practitioners who work with children: read more

Stress: Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Have you wondered why, despite advances in technology and the increasing use of psychological and coaching services, STRESS, ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION are still major problems?

Have your attempts at dealing with the stress in your life been unsuccessful?                                 

Are you not getting the results you want?

 When we talk about stress, we usually mean the symptoms of stress, such as headaches, back pain, anxiety, depression, and various emotional and physical problems. read more

Exploring Relationships

Individual Sessions, Couples Sessions, Talks and Workshops with Donald Marmara

Core Development offers:

  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy( face-to-face and phone)
  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy for Parents and Teenagers(together and separately)
  • Couples Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Talks and workshops for groups and organisations

The artist Chuck Close once said:  “You can give the same recipe to 10 cooks. Some make it come alive, and some make a flat soufflé. A system doesn’t guarantee anything.”

The same applies to relationships. Hundreds of books tell you what to do and not do to make your relationships work. Numerous workshops claim to give you the “secrets” to success. read more

Restoring Our Capacity To Give and Receive Love

This is what my work in emotional learning – including somatic psychotherapy and counselling – is about. Restoring our capacity to give and receive love.

As a society, and indeed as a human race, we have moved so far away from our true nature, from what we know in our hearts – ie that our true nature is loving, cooperative and compassionate – that we we have come to believe that human nature is destructive. read more

Changing Perspectives : Beyond Winning And Losing

“Winning is a loser’s game!”

How do you respond to the statement above?

Do you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing right away?  Or do you stop to think about it?

What is your feeling response?  Are you surprised, irritated, amused, pleased?

What is your bodily response?  Do you sigh?  Do you nod or shake your head?

What happens to your facial expression?  What is your tone of voice when you talk about it? read more